As a result of the compassionate care we deliver, we develop lasting relationships with our patients. Many times we hear from our patients about how the doctors and staff at Springfield Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Institute have helped them. For those of you we hear from, we thank you for passing along your kind words. Here are some of our favorites:

I have been impressed with the entire experience. Thank you to all involved. – Eleni P.

I appreciate everything your team is doing to help eliminate pain wherever it may be. – M .P.

The practice is amazing, little to no wait time, very friendly staff, would recommend anyone here. – Anthony R.

Excellent care, professional, thorough, and friendly. – Asa C.

I have been going to Dr. Thompson for about 5 years. I was one of his first patients when he opened his practice in Springfield. He has done about 5 knee arthroscopies, a knee replacement, rotator cuff surgery [on me]... so far. He is a great doctor, with good bedside manner (which to me is important). I feel that he genuinely cares for his patients. I would definitely recommend him to anyone that is in need of an orthopedic surgeon!!! – Marta M.

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Dr. Thompson is an excellent doctor. He is very caring and a great surgeon. My husband and I both have gone to Dr. Thompson. We both had surgery by him. Both my husband and myself have nothing but good things to say about him. We both have recommended him to several different people. – Anonymous

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I found Dr. Galluch to be very patient and considerate of my wishes. He is efficient and open to suggestions. He possesses excellent personal and social skills. And, he enjoys what he does and very proud of his successes.

As a 77-year-old person experiencing my first joint replacement, Dr. Galluch patiently listened to me and responded to my "interview questions" on my first visit. When I visited him the second time I had another long list of questions, again he was patient with me. Finally, when I visited the third time and asked questions about banking my blood and anesthesiology he again was very patient. He arranged for me to have a meeting with the anesthesiologist and was for me to have a tour of the facility.

While he had only done a few anterior hip surgeries, I felt comfortable with having him perform my first joint surgery. He was as prompt as his responsibilities allowed him to be. Doctors really can't have complete control of their hours. His office posted our wait period whenever he was running very late. This allowed us to take care of other business rather than sitting and doing nothing. I am glad that I chose him to be my surgeon and that I chose Ohio Valley Hospital. I have referred others to him and have invited him to present a workshop at my church. – Alyce E-J.

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I found my experience with Dr. Galluch to be great. I had shoulder replacement in 2012 and from the diagnosis to post open I had exceptional care. As with most physicians now, I had to see a PA from time to time, but that's with most nowadays. He was knowledgeable and I would highly recommend him. – Cynthia

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