Hand & Wrist

Disorders affecting the hand and wrist commonly occur due to extensive use during activities of daily living. From playing sports to typing and cooking, we use our hands for nearly everything we do. Because of this constant motion, sprains, strains, and fractures commonly occur from injuries, overuse, or falls. Range of motion and grip strength are affected from trauma and disorders and are typically accompanied by unbearable pain.

The intricate anatomy of the hands and wrist requires sophisticated knowledge of the musculoskeletal system in this area. At Springfield Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Institute, our on-site hand specialist has advanced training of the ligaments, tendons, muscles, nerves, and 27 small bones in this area to properly diagnose and treat a vast array of hand and wrist conditions.

Common hand and wrist conditions and treatments we offer include:

When trauma or injury requires surgery, our skilled hand surgeon operates with precision using cutting-edge techniques such as arthroscopy. Our innovative methods allow for careful navigation inside the hand and wrist while preserving delicate nerves and surrounding tissues.

We then develop a post-operative care plan including physical therapy that can easily be followed to ensure proper healing is taking place while maximizing movement and function of your hands. Our goal is to restore mobility in the hand and wrist while eliminating your pain.

Hand and wrist pain doesn’t have to interfere with your daily activities or ability to perform your job duties any longer. Request an appointment online or call (937) 398-1066 to schedule an appointment with our on-site orthopedic hand expert in our Springfield office.