Fractures & Trauma

Trauma from sports injuries or other accidents can be life changing, having an effect on both your physical and mental health. Our orthopedic trauma physicians utilize cutting-edge digital imaging to accurately diagnose your injury and return you to health.

Fractures can range from simple, clean breaks to complex fractures requiring surgery. Treatment for your fracture will depend on the type of fracture, location, severity of the injury, alignment of the bones, and risk of damage to surrounding structures.

Fracture Treatment

In the case of a simple fracture without tissue injury, casting or splinting is often used while the bone heals. Severe or complex fractures requiring surgery occur when the broken bone protrudes through the skin, there is a loss of bone, multiple fractures of the same bone occur, joints are dislocated, or there is severe damage to cartilage.

At Springfield Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Institute, our skilled trauma surgeons have successfully treated many patients experiencing complex articular fractures, pelvic and acetabular (hip) fractures, and joint (intra-articular) fractures. They reconstruct nonunions and malunions, correct physical deformities, and treat osteomyelitis and other infections involving the bones.

We believe in using the most effective yet least invasive methods possible to treat your fracture or injury, reserving surgery for when it is absolutely necessary. In those cases, our orthopedic surgeons spend time reviewing the procedure with you to ensure you have an understanding of pre- and post-op instructions as well as what you should expect afterwards.

Patient education is important to our providers, and they believe it is essential to achieving optimal outcomes after orthopedic injury or surgery. For a comprehensive evaluation of your orthopedic injury with a fracture specialist in Springfield, call us at (937) 398-1066 or request an appointment online today.