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Preventative Heeling

Heeling is the latest rage among youngsters and adult urbanites. Heeleys are a type of inline skate that looks like a shoe but have wheels located inside the bottom of the heel. People can walk with the roller shoe or engage rolling (heeling) by shifting their body weight to the back of their heels and lifting their toes up. Heeling is popular outside, as well as indoors, such as at shopping malls. Orthopedic surgeons and emergency room doctors have seen a rash of injuries related to body mechanics and falls. Make sure your family members know about heeling safety before putting the roller shoes on.

The same safety precautions should be taken when heeling as with any other type of roller sport. Users should wear a helmet, wrist pads, and protective knee gear to help prevent fall-related fractures. Heeling should only be performed on smooth level surfaces. Heeling on inclines, rough surfaces, or curbs can cause foot and ankle strain, as well as tendon injuries. Heeling may or may not be a passing fad, but adhering to precautions can help your family stay safe while enjoying the latest craze.

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